Summer Camp

Surround a child with love this summer.

Your help is needed to bring Summer Camp to life this July.

Under the Same Sun’s Summer Camp brings together children with albinism from all over Tanzania. For 9 days they play, learn and bunk with kids just like them. The entire experience is tailored to meet our campers’ unique needs: for once in
their lives, they are not the outsiders.

Summer Camp provides one more important thing: a place to belong.

Many children with albinism in Tanzania are rejected or abandoned by their families - they are alone in the world. They have nowhere to go during the school holidays, and are typically left behind at school with minimal supervision and care.

Our Summer Camp gives 170 children without families a community of their own. It gives them a place to belong and an experience to look forward to: a summer vacation with people who love them unconditionally. They will return to school with stories, new
friends and a renewed confidence in themselves.

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Through access to new activities like art, music and sport, campers will get a glimpse of life beyond the school walls and maybe even surprise themselves with what they can do. This year, our team is planning a range of fun activities including:

Music Class
Music Class
Music Class
Drama Class
Art Class
Art Class
Music Class

Meet Pendo

We’re excited to bring Pendo to Summer Camp again this year. Pendo is 9 years old today. This photo is from her first time at Camp in 2013. She is pictured spending time with Sophie, her friend and young UTSS volunteer.

Like many children with albinism in Tanzania, Pendo lives at a boarding school. When the classes are over for the summer and the other children go home for the holidays, It's not safe for Pendo to go home. So she stays at school, isolated from her peers, passing the days inside without much to do and few people to talk to.

Pendo is funny and creative. She’s social and loves being around other kids. Her 9 days at Summer Camp will nurture her creativity and give her the chance to build meaningful friendships with others who understand the unique challenges and struggles she has because she has albinism.

Your donation to Summer Camp provides a family for Pendo and gives her a place to belong.

Summer Camp costs about $95 per day for each camper. This might seem like a lot, but we have to rent a facility and transform it into a summer camp that meets our campers’ unique needs. This includes the high fences and armed guards required to
keep the children safe, plenty of play space protected from the hot sun and chaperoned travel for campers from all over Tanzania.

Your partnership is needed to bring this incredible experience to life for 170 kids who need a place to belong. Many are without loving families of their own, so UTSS is the only family they know.

Will you sponsor a child for one day of Summer Camp?

Sponsor a Day of Summer Camp

Summer Camp

Thank you for being a part of the family these kids so desperately need. Your gift will surround a lonely child with compassion and unconditional love this summer.

Remember, 100% of your donation to Under the Same Sun always goes directly to Summer Camp. All administrative costs are covered by a generous benefactor.


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