How Giving to Under The Same Sun Makes a Difference

THANK YOU! - How Your Giving Helps

Under The Same Sun is one of a select few charities where 100% of your donation goes directly to the work in the field. Every dollar you give goes straight toward making the world safer and the future more promising for girls and boys, women and men, living with albinism. That's because a generous benefactor covers all our administrative costs.

Here are some of the ways your gifts make a difference.

If you were to visit a boarding school where a UTSS student is enrolled, you would see a child or youth with albinism who is fully integrated into a busy learning environment, just like their classmates. The student knows that their sponsorship through UTSS covers all their needs and they can count on even reaching post-secondary education. In addition, they get career counselling and help in how to find a job while UTSS works with employers to decrease hiring and job discrimination. Your donations also mean the students' medical needs are met; they receive low-vision devices to help them thrive and the protective sun gear they need to avoid skin cancer.

Here is what one donor experienced when he visited a school where UTSS students are enrolled.
"Classrooms and buildings were clean and well cared for, and the staff paid great attention to all the students. It was an environment of learning. And growth. And opportunity. The difference it is making in the lives of the children is undeniable. And you could tell immediately. I immediately noticed how these kids had come out of their shell and were thriving compared to those at the Government centers I had visited earlier. All it took was the opportunity. It was truly heartwarming to see the difference it makes, but I know there are so many more children that need our help. - Cliff, Seattle.

If you were to attend an Understanding Albinism workshop that UTSS presents to dispel the myths about albinism and to respond to the sometimes-deadly discrimination faced by people with albinism, you would be a witness to actual change happening. Entire villages often attend these interactive presentations and learn the facts about albinism. They meet people with albinism, they touch their skin, hear their stories and see their humanity. Attacks and stigma decrease in areas where UTSS Understanding Albinism workshops are held.

Margareth (center) was abducted and returned safely after an Understanding Albinism seminar in her village, because neighbors knew the truth, and turned in the perpetrator.

Your donations also help victims of attack and abandonment. You help get children who have lost limbs the prosthetics and surgeries they need. Your gifts also provide for trauma counselling to help the children grow stronger mentally, emotionally and spiritually so that their whole person is cared for and nurtured. 

When you give to Under The Same Sun, you are helpign to change the lives of people with albinism in Africa. And you are helping to change the wrong and dangerous beliefs that have put their lives in such peril. Thank you so much!