Under The Same Sun is passionately committed to ending discrimination and violence against persons with albinism and facilitating social inclusion and participation. We do this through advocacy and education. UTSS acts globally, with a current focus on Africa.
UTSS is a Christian organization. This means that we are driven by the belief that all people have intrinsic value because they are created in God’s image. Every individual is worthy of love, respect and dignity.
Our Goals
Facing intense discrimination, fear, visual limitations and the harsh effects of the sun, are daily realities for people living with albinism in Tanzania and other parts of Africa.

The ultimate aim of UTSS is that people with albinism will be fully contributing members of an inclusive and equitable society.

To accomplish this, we work to change attitudes and behaviors towards people with albinism, beginning in Tanzania, so that:

People understand what albinism is.

They treat persons with albinism with dignity, respect, and equality.

People with albinism and their families learn their rights and how to take care of their health issues.

People with albinism have access to education

People with albinism have the same opportunities for health, safety, gainful employment and personal fulfillment as everybody else.