Ambassador for Malawi's Albinos
Feature story on Malawian musician, Geoffrey Zigoma, a person with albinism.  Zigoma comments on the difficulty of being albino as well as the triumph that comes when making music
Albino; Albinism; Malawi; Geoffrey Zigoma.
BBC. Accessed July 29, 2010.
Amnesty International Report 2010 - Tanzania
Amnesty International's 2010 report on Tanzania. A brief section (highlighted) outlines discrimination and attacks on PWA.
Amnesty International
Tanzania, Amnesty, attacks, discrimination, general
Amnesty International
An Albino in Mozambique
On the life of albinos in Mozambique. Features story of Gonçalves Cresosto, a 25 year old with albinism. Discusses what his life is like, how he suffers and how parents who have albino children often abandon them at birth, leaving them to fend for themselves on the streets.
Mozambique; Albino; Albinism. Accessed September 25, 2010.
Baby Tale Not Black and White
Geneticists and Medical practitioners marvel at the birth of a child with blond hair, white skin and blue eyes who was born to a Nigerian couple living in London.
Murphy, Clare
Albino; Albinism; White; Black; Blue eyes; Race; London; Nigerian parents.
BBC News. Accessed July 21, 2010.
Black and White: The voice of people with albinism in Tanzania
Persons with albinism in Tanzania from The Tanzania Albino Society, decry their exclusion from politics and political representation. Such representaiton they argue, is necessary to speed up state responsiveness to their plight
Albino; Albinism; Government; Tanzania.
Shout-Africa: Accessed Octobrr 16, 2010.
Black, Yet White:
A Hated Color in Zimbabwe
A report on the successes as well as the hardship of persons with albinism in Zimbabwe. Also discusses the goals of the nascent Zimbabwe Albino Trust.
McNeil, Donald Jr.
Albinism; Zimbabwe; Zimbabwe Albino Trust; Discrimination; References to Nigeria and South Africa.
The New York Times
Blessings for Albino Children in Uganda
Every Child Ministries - a Christian Organizatio encounters a child with albinism in Uganda and seeks to provide some health assistance to more persons with albinism through their ministry
Mission Network
Albino; Albinism; Every Child Ministry; Christian; Christianity; Mission; Health; Uganda
Mission Network News (United Nations). Accessed July 28, 2010.
BN Skin Deep Series: Life as an African Oyinbo – Living as an Albino
A young woman with albinism from Nigeria tells of her experiences living with albinism in Nigeria and generally.
Edozien, Yvonne
Albino; Albinism; Nigeria; Experience.
Bella Naija (Blog). Accessed October 16, 2010.
Body of Albino Woman Exhumed
On June 10, 2010, the grave of a 29 year old woman with albinism, Lightness Laurian,  was broken into. Her body was exhumed and body parts were made away with. 2 men have been arrested in regards to the case.
Mulisa, Meddy
Albino; Albinism; Tanzania; Grave; Descretion; Body parts; Exhume; Lightness Laurian.
Daily News, (Tanzania). Accessed July 28, 2010.  
Burundian Albino Murders Denied
11 persons from Burundi are accused of murdering 12 persons with albinism in 2009. The trial of the accused has now commenced in what is reported to be the first of such trials arising out of the recent killings of persons with albinism in east Africa.
Albino; Killings; Burundi; Body parts; Trial
BBC. Accessed July 26, 2010
Cancer Stalks Tanzania's Albinos
In Tanzania, skin cancer is a threat to persons with albinism. Many with skin cancer submit to treatment too late or die slowly at home. Those who are fortunate enough to get treatment are given some life-saving ideas on skin protection. Issues with skin care is not only tied to the person with albinism's lack of understanding but also to the fact that most primary care physicians tend to treat early cancer signs as common ulcers. Some specialists in the country (with the help of the albino society) are working on disseminating kowledge, sun screen lotions and beta carotene supplements in an effort to minimize the risk of skin cancer in persons with albinism.
Dickinson, Daniel
Albino; Albinism; Skin cancer; Samwel Mluge; Dr Nassoro Mohamed.
BBC. Accessed July 29, 2010.
Challenge of Preserving the Species
Report on the 4th annual conference on albinism in Nigeria. Persons with albinism face enormous challenges in the country. This is why 6 federal tertiary health institutions have been designated as skin cancer specialty centres. These include: National Hospital Abuja, University of Nigeria Teaching Hospital Enugu, Lagos University Teaching Hospital, University of Maiduguri Teaching Hospital, University College Hospital Ibadan and Ahmadu Bello University, Zaria. The conference involved various speakers who all resolved that the government has to do more to alleviate the suffering of persons with albinism in the country
Aminu, Mohammed
Albinism; 4th annual Conference; Nigeria; Skin cancer; Challenges; Government.
AllAfrica. Accessed September 13, 2021
Children Accused of Witchcraft: An anthropological study of contemporary practices in Africa
This study addresses the issue of children who are victims of violence and mistreatment due to local beliefs, representations and practices, in particular, relating to witchcraft. While the harmful consequences of these beliefs have been publicized internationally, their origins often remain unclear. The objective of the present document, therefore, is to reveal and analyze the diversity and complexity of these phenomena ‐ often falsely associated with “African tradition” ‐ related to beliefs in witchcraft and the “mystical” world.
Aleksandra Cimpric
Witchcraft, UNICEF, Children, Albinism
Connolly Bill on Albinism and East Africa Atrocities Passes House 418 to 1
Congressman Gerry Connolly (D-VA) of the United States of America House of Representatives sponsors legislation (H.R. 1088). In the bill, the USA calls upon the government of Tanzania and the government of the entire east Africa region to end the atrocities against persons with albinism.
Website of Gerald E. Connolly (D-VA), House of Representatives - United States of America
Albino; Albinism; Congress; United States; Congressman; Gerry Connolly; Government Response.
Website of Congressman Gerald E. Connolly, Representing the 11th District of Virginia, U.S. House of Representatives. Accessed July 29, 2010.
Convicted Albino Killers Lose Appeal
The Supreme Court in Tanzania denied the appeals of 3 men convicted of killing a 14 year boy with albinism, Matatizo Dunia. The Court thus upheld the finding of their guilt by the lower courts. The 3 accused are Mr Masumbuko Matata, Mr Emanuel Masangwa and Mr Charles Masangwa.
James, Bernard
Albino; Albinism; Matatizo Dunia; Supreme Court of Tanzania; Justice.
The Citizen (Tanzania). 
Danger Not Yet Over for the Great Lakes Albinos
"6 months after the launch of the Red Cross' Advocacy Report: "Through Albino Eyes," the Red Cross' Anne Wanjiru travelled to Tanzania to assess the current situation. During her mission, 3 new murders of persons with albinism confirms that the problem of killing persons with albinism persisted .  The story of Naimana Daudi, a 4 year old boy with albinism who is killed and mutilated in Kibondo region, is told.
Wanjiru, Anne
Albino; Albinism; Tanzania; Naimana Daudi; Kibondo region; Killing; Mutilation.
International Federation of the Red Cross and Red Crescent Socieites (IFRC). Accessed July 29, 2010.
Dar told:
Resume Trials of Albino Killers
There is growing International pressure on the goverernment of Tanzania to contiue with the on-going trials of the accused cited for killing persons with albinism. The hearings had been halted for lack of funds - a reason that many in Tanzania are skeptical about. The pressure on the government to continue the trials mounts in the wake of the killing of 4 year old Muanda Sita of Madilana village,Bariadi District, in the Shinyanga Region of Tanzania.
Kelley, Kevin
Albino; Albinism; Killings; Burundi; Tanzania; Trial; Prosecution; Justice
The East African. Accessed July 28, 2010.
Deadly Skin Trade Preys on African Albinos
A macabre concoction of superstition and economic disadvantage has fuelled trade in albino body parts. Among the victims of this gruesome trade, a 10 year old boy, Gasper Elikana, who is fatally attacked by an armed group in front of his family and neighbours. President Kikwete of Tanzania has responded to these murders by banning witchdoctor licenses but the ban was often flouted.  Courts are attempting to prosecute accused attackers but there is apprehension that the main criminals who send the attackers, remain at large.
Bates, Theunis
Albino; Albinism; Gasper Elikana; Tanzania; Government; Jakaya Kikwete.
AOL News: Accessed July 29, 2010.
Do Not Lower Guard on Safety of Albinos
Tanzania government lifts ban on all traditional healers which include local witchdoctors. The ban had been put in place in response to the outcry that witchdoctors had been involved in killings of persons with albinism.
IPP Media, Editor
Albinos;  Witchcraft; Witchdoctors; Ban lifted; Tanzania; Government.
IPP Media. Accessed October 16, 2010.
DPM to Call Albinos to Indaba
In the wake of the recent killings of persons with albinism in Swaziland, the Deputy Prime Minister, Themba Masuku, plan s a luncheon when he will host persons with albinism in the country with a bid to  know more abou their suffering and their plight.
Sukati, Sibongile
Swaziland; Albino; Government.
Times of Swaziland. Accessed September 26, 2010.
DPM to Call Albinos to Indaba
In the wake of the recent killings of persons with albinism in Swaziland, the Deputy Prime Minister, Themba Masuku, plans a luncheon where he will host persons with albinism in the country with a bid to  know more abou their suffering and their plight.
Sukati, Sibongile
Swaziland; Albino; Government.
Times of Swaziland: Accessed September 26, 2010.
East African Albinos Flee Murder, Dismemberment
A Kenyan woman, Mary Owido, who is also a person with albinism, has to relocate from a Kenyan town that borders Tanzania for fear of her life. She explains her move as a consequece of the killings of persons with albinism in neighbouring Tanzania.
Odula, Tom
Albino; Albinism; Killings; East Africa; Kenya; Witchdoctors.
The Associated Press (Pulished on Accessed July 23, 2010.
Forum on Albinism
"The Government and the Department of Social Welfare have been criticised for failing to address the concerns of albinos in Ghana.According to Professor Edmund Nminyem Delle, Life Patron of the Association of Persons with Albinism (GAPA), four petitions addressed to government by the Society of Albinos in Ghana (SOAG) have never received any response." Speaking at a lecture organized by GAPA in Accra, on "The Myth and the Reality" of albinism, Prof. Delle decried mistreatment of persons with albinism in the country. He cites a World Health Organization report that there are about 170,000 personw with albinism in Ghana.
G. D. Zaney
Albino; Albinism; Ghana; Government; Ghana Association of Persons with Albinism; GAPA; Society of Albinos in Ghana; (SOAG); Myth and Realities.
Ghana Government - Official Portal. Accessed August 4, 2010.
Four Sentenced to Hang for Killing Albino in Tanzania
A court in Tanzania finds 4 men guilty of murdering a 50 year old man with albinism and  removing his body parts.
Karimi, Faith
Albino; Killings; Trial; Tanzania; Shinyanga region.
CNN. Accesed July 26, 2010.
Freedom Index
Reporters Without Borders ranks the freedom of the press in 178 countries. Tanzania is ranked 41st, however journalistic freedom continues to be a problem in most parts of Africa.
Freedom, Press, Journalists
Reporters Without Borders
Geneticist Studies Albinos in Africa
Dr. Murray Brilliant, a geneticists based in the United States visits Tanzania and speaks of the genetic condition of albinism, its prevalance in Tanzania which can be as high as 1 in 1,400 with 1 in every 17 persons carrying the gene. Dr. Brilliant also links albinism with some resistance to Hansen's disease (Leprosy) which is still common in parts of sub Saharan Africa.
Newman, Nolly
Albino; Albinism; Genetics; Leprosy; Dr. Murray Brilliant.
Wausau Daily Herald. Accessed July 29, 2010.
Ghana's Politicians Involved in Albino Killings
A senior spiritual leader in Ghana, Sheikh Salawati Imam Rashid Qutubu Zaanam, the Spiritual Leader of the Salawati Mission of Ghana accuses politicians of ritual killings during the 2008 election period in the country. He claims that animals along with humans including persons with albinism were slaughtered for ritualistic sacrifices.
Morningstar, Earl
Albino; Albinism; Ghana; Elections; 2008.
The Morningstarr. Accessed July 29, 2010.
Govt Tables Bill to Recognize Albinos
After being shunned as persons with disabilities under the 2006 Persons With Disabilities Act, persons with albinism in Uganda now have some respite. They have now been recognized in a 2010 Ammendment: The National Council for Disabilites Amendment Bill. The Bill also seeks to increase the participation of persons with disabiliteis in parliament.
Bekunda, Catherine, Odyek, John
Albino; Albinism; Disability; Law; Uganda; Parliament; Government; Affirmative Action.
The New Vision. Accessed October 16, 2010.
Guebuze Receives Albino Association
Chairperson of the Albino Association in Mozambique called Association in Defence of Our Rights, Ms. Ana Gabriela meets with the Mozambican President to voice the high level of discrimination faced by albinos in the country and how they can be helped.
Mozambique; Albino; Albinism; Association.
All Africa. September 26, 2010.
Guebuze Receives Albino Association
Chairperson of the Albino Association in Mozambique namely the Association in Defence of Our Rights, Ms. Ana Gabriela, meets with the Mozambican President to voice the high level of discrimination faced by albinos in the country and how they can be helped.
Mozambique; Albino; Albinism; Association.
All Accessed September 26, 2010
Health and Education of Children with Albinism in Zimbabwe
138 school children with albinism in rural Zimbabwe complete a questionnaire that covers issues of health, education and social aspects of their lives. The outcome of the survey reveals that the students deal with vision problems and social stigmatization mostly from strangers/non-family members. Evidence of lack of sufficient information on the condition is also revealed through the survey.
Lund, Patricia
Albino; Albinism; Zimbabwe; School; Students; Schoolchildren; Oculocutaenous albinism.
Health Education Research, Vol. 16 No. 1,  1-7.
History, Genetics, Myths & Health Care
A FOUR PART documentary about albinism in Africa by Lola Akinola Olatunji, PhD student & person with albinism (PWA), born in Nigeria and now a resident of the UK. Note: This doc is very informative but has modest technical production quality. PART #1 – FOCUS: Genetics & History Interviews with: - Dr. Richard King , Professor of Genetics, U of Minnesota – Describes the genetics of albinism - Dr Patricia Lund, Geneticist, Coventry University – Describes the genetics of albinism more thoroughly using the AA - Aa – aA – aa illustration - Thomas White, Historian on Albinism, U of Manchester – Describes the genesis of the study & diagnosis of albinism PART # 2 – FOCUS: Myths & Health Care (Eyes & Skin) Interviews with: - Dr Patricia Lund, Geneticist, Coventry University – Describes the uniqueness of the eye for PWA. - Uses footage from Discover Education to show the function of the eye - Reshma Kukadia, Optometrist, Campus Vision – Addresses low vision for PWA using Lola as a patient. - Dr Roberto Verdolini, Dermatologist, London Dermatology Center - Describes skin, melanin and the uniqueness of PWA skin condition & sunscreen using helpful visuals. PART #3 - (14 min) FOCUS: Orgs giving aid to PWA / schooling of PWA in Africa (sunscreen issues / urban vs. rural issues) Interviews with: - Boniface Massah, TAAM (albino assoc of Malawi), Specialist on Public Healthcare – Difficult to understand - Jenny Walker, Southern Africa’s Children, Tanzania – work with children who are disabled, orphaned. One project is with HIV orphans in Shinyanga, Tz. One is with children with albinism on Ukarar Island on Lake Victoria, Tz.. - Dr Patricia Lund, Geneticist, Coventry University – Various Schooling models in South Africa, Zimbabwe, Malawi. PART # 4 – (14 min): Interview with DIANDRA FOREST, a PWA model from New York FOCUS: Beauty, self esteem, and life experience as a PWA before being a model & now.
Lola Akinola Olatunji
History, Genetics, Myths, Health Care, Albinism
Hocus Pocus, Witchcraft, and Murder:
The Plight of Tanzanian Albinos
On the witchcraft-related massacre of persons with albinism in Tanzania, the discrimination against the same and some recommendations on how this issue might be resolved.
Alum, Alexander, Gomez, Michael, Ruiz, Edilsa
Albinism; Tanzania; Witchcraft; Killings; Disability; Human Rights;  International Community; Legal; Laws; International Conventions.
International Team Project, Northwestern University School of Law, 2009, 9.
House Team Concerned Over Security of Albinos
Kenya's Parliamentary committee on Equal Opportunity expresses concerns over the insecurity of persons with albinism in the country. The committee calls for a census on of persons with albinism to jumpstart protective measures for the group.
Wafula, Caroline
Kenya; Government; Parliament; Albino; Security.
Daily Nation (Kenya): Accessed August 19, 2010.
Human Body Parts Don’t Create Wealth - Is Any Ritual Murderer Listening?
Ritualistic killings continue un-abated in sub-Saharan Africa inspite of the criminalization of murder. Cases in point: Kenya, Uganda,Tanzania, and especially,  Nigeria.  A theatre group in Kampala, Uganda, Bakayambira, is producing theatrical works to combat and denounce ritualistic killings.
Samora, Mwaura
Africa; Witchcraft; Occult; Human Organs; Juju; Nigerian Film Industry; Theatre for tackling witchcraft; Bakayambira.
All Africa Online (From The Monitor, Uganada). Accessed July 28, 2010.