Hunted Down and Ostracized, Burundi Albinos want their own Census and MP
Persons with albinism in Burundi worry about the recent killings in their country and in neighbouring Tanzania. They cite constant discrimination and the recent killings as reasons for stronger protection from their government and a seat for a person with albinism in Parliament.
Bamuturaki, Musinguzi
Albino; Albinism; Burundi; Government; Member of Parliament; Albino Association of Burundi.
The East African. Accessed July 28, 2010.
Hunted for body parts, Tanzania's albinos get help from B.C. man
Under The Same Sun's Peter Ash visits the family of victims and survivors of attacks on persons with albinism. The families of Rukia Khalfani and Jesca/Jessica Charles are visited. The story of Mariam Emmanuel, a 5year old girl with albinism, killed in 2008 is also told.
York, Geoffrey
Tanzania; UTSS; albinos; Rukia; Peter Ash; Rukia Khalfani; Jesca; Jessica Charles.
The Globe and Mail: Accessed: July 23, 2010.
I am Next - Murdered Albino Girl's Sister
In Swaziland,"[t]he elder sister of murdered albino girl, Banele Nxumalo, has revealed that she now fears for her life as she could be next to die because she too is an albino.
'It is no more safe for people like us. The frightening thing is the manner in which we are killed as abinos - we are being slaughtered like animals.' "
Mkhonta, Starsky
Albino; Killing; Swaziland.
Weekend Observer: Accessed September 5, 2010.
In Hiding for Exposing Tanzania Witchdoctors
BBC Reporter, Vicky Ntetema goes into hiding for fear of her life after receiving anonymous death threats. These came after she was publicly discovered to be the "businesswoman" who had secretly taped and published her encounters with witchdoctors in Tanzania. The recording by Ntetema has a witchdoctor orally confirming their use of body parts of persons with albinism in making potions.
Albino; Albinism; Witchdoctors; Exposed; Tanzania;  Vicky Ntetema; Undercover; BBC report.
BBC. Accessed July 29, 2010.
Insecurite: Un Albino Non-Identifie Decouvert Mort a Matam
The lifeless body of a man with albinism is found lying in the street - on Fidel Castro Highway. The body, which was discovered on the morning of Sept 18, was partially covered but it is speculated that the man's throat was slit and his body abandonned afterward.
Balde, Abdallah
Guinea; Albino; Killings; Albinism. Accessed September 26, 2010. 
Is the whole region being sucked into this macabre trade in albino body parts?
Opinion piece on the spread of albino killings in east Africa in light of the recent arrest and sentencing of Kenyan man who tried to sell his fellow compatriort - a Kenyan person with albinism - in Tanzania.
Ulimwengu, Jenerali
Albino; Killings; Kenya; East Africa.
The East African: Accessed September 5, 2010.
JK Orders Crackdown to Stem Murder of Albinos
President Kikwete calls the superstitious belief that albino body parts can bring riches, "utterly stupid."
Orton Kiishweko
Albino; Killings; Tanzania; President Kikwete; Government response; The Albino Society; Protest march; Albino Revolution Cultural Group
All Africa Online (From The Citizen, Tanzania). Accessed July 26, 2010
John Chiti Speaks on Stigma Against Albinos
Zambian musician, John Chiti laments the suffereing of the person with albinism in East Africa. shares his own experiences on living with the condition and the steps he has taken to start up a foundation in Lusaka.
Katundu, Sututu
Albino; Albinism; Zambia; Association; John Chitty.
The Post Newspapers, Zambia. Accessed October 16, 2010.
Journey to Tanzania:
Reporter Exposes Epidemic of Albino Killings
ABC's Juju Chang reports on her observations of persons with albinism in Tanzania. She visits Mariamu Stanford a victim of an attack.  Report preps the reader for the 20/20 special run by ABC after this visit.
Chang, Juju
Tanzania; Kilings; Sunburn; Poverty; Albinos.
ABC News(America). Accessed July 23, 2010.
Kenya Probes Trade on Human Organs
Police in Nairobi, Kenya unearthed a syndicate of mortuary attendants and funeral home workers that were involved in the trade of human organs across borders in the region of east Africa. Body parts sold in this syndicate revealed a booming trade in albino body parts taken to Tanzania.
Oloo, Mark
Kenya; East Africa; Human Organs; Trade
Shout-Africa. Accessed September 25, 2010
Kenya Probes Trade on Human Organs
Police in Nairobi, Kenya unearthed a syndicate of mortuary attendants and funeral home workers that were involved in the trade of human organs across borders in the region of east Africa. Body parts sold in this syndicate revealed a booming trade in albino body parts taken to Tanzania.
Oloo, Mark
Kenya; East Africa; Human Organs; Trade.
Mathaba.Net. Accessed September 25, 2010
Kenyan Arrested for Attempting to 'Sell' Albino Man in Tanzania
A Kenyan man, Nathan Mtei is arrested by police after police undercover operations and investigations revealed that Mtei was offering to sell a 20 year old man with albinism. The 20 year old named Robinson Mkwama Mnyoti, also a Kenyan, was lured into Mwanza, Tanazania by Mtei with the promise of employment. Mtei was arrested by the undercover police officers and is set to appear in court on charges of human trafficking.
Ross, Will
Tanzania; Albino; Human Trafficking; Kenya; Arrest
BBC World Service. Accessed August 17, 2010.
Kenyan Jailed for Trying to Sell Albino
Nathan Mutei, a Kenyan arrested in Tanzania on charges of human trafficking of a person with albinism pleads guilty to the charges. Mutei will serve 17 years in jail and will pay a fine of more than $50,000.00 USD.
Tanzania; Albino; Human Trafficking; Kenya; Arrest; Justice; Sentence; Jail
BBC News:  Accessed August 18, 2010.
Killers of Burundi Albinos Jailed
5 men accused of murdering and selling body parts of persons with albinism are jailed in Burundi. Of the 5, 1 was found guilty of "planning and carrying out the killings" and sentenced to life in jail. The other 4 were found guilty of attempted murder and kidnapping. Their jail terms ranged from 7 to 15 years.
Albino; Albinisim; Killing; accused; killers; Burundi; Ruyigi Province
Aljazeera. Accessed July 28, 2010.
Le Premier Ministre Montre au Créneau Contre la Criminalité en Guinée
On the night of Saturday 18 September to Sunday 19 September 2010, two bodies of young albinos were found under the bridge of Kényen - it appears that their kidnappers had cut their throats and pierced their two eyes.
Camara, Issiaga
Guinea; Albino; Killings; Albinism.
Radio-Kankan: Accessed September 26, 2010.
Life as an Albino in Africa
Albinos in Tanzania such as 14 year old Joyce Charles, lives in fear of attack. She describes staying out of school out for fear of loosing her life.
Hughes, Dana
Albino; Albinism;Tanzania; Killings; Fear; Living with albinism.
ABC News (America). Accessed July 23, 2010.
Life of Fear for Tanzania's Albinos
Dr. Simeon Mesaki, a renowned Tanzanian anthropologist and expert researcher on African witchcraft, comments on ritualistic killings in Africa  particularly witchcraft practices that target persons with albinism. The story of Susana Nyerere whose husband was recently killed is highlighted.
Witchcraft; Africa; Ritualistic killing; Albino; Albinism; Susana Nyerere; Simeon Mesaki.
Aljazeera. Accessed July 29, 2010.
Living in Fear:
Tanzania's Albinos
Reports states that In the past one year, 25 persons with albinism in Tanzania have been killed. The most recent vicitm was a 7 month old baby. The story of Nyerere Rutahiro, a 50 year old man with albinism  is also told. He was fatally attacked by strangers who burst into his home. He is now buried, like most persons with albinism, in a grave covered with concrete to protect his remains from being vandalized.
Allen, Karen
Albino; Albinism; Tanzania; Witchcraft; Body Parts; Killings; Nyerere Rutahiro.
BBC. Accessed July 23, 2010.
Magic, Mutilation, and Murder: A Case for Granting Asylum to Tanzanian Nationals with Albinism
"This paper argues that the continuing cruel, inhuman, degrading, and discriminatory treatment of Tanzanian nationals with albinism (hereinafter “Persons with Albinism” or “PWAs”) constitutes persecution under American asylum law and that these individuals who face or fear such treatment on account of their disability, albinism, should presumptively be entitled to eligibility for asylum in the United States (“U.S.”)." The paper provides a framework for fulfilling the necessary requirements in applying for asylum should PWAs choose to seek it.
Stacey Larson
asylum, Tanzania, refugee, law
Malawi to Protect Albinos
As part of an effort to provide better health care services to persons with albinism and to prevent the type of killings happening in Tanzania,  a census is conducted to count persons with albinism.
Yakubu, Alkassim, Magunlenje, Harry
Albino; Albiinism; Malawi; The Albino Association of Malawi.
Africa News: Accessed July 28, 2010.
Mali albino given Spanish asylum 'fled discrimination'
Abdoulaye Coulibaly, a 22 year old man from Mali is granted asylum by Spain after he arrived illegaly on Spain's Canary Islands.
NGO News Africa (BBC)
Albino; Albiism; Mali; Spain; Refugee; Asylum; Abdoulaye Coulibaly.
NGO News Africa. Accessed July 28, 2010.
Man 'tried to sell' albino wife
A man is accused of trying to sell his albino wife for $3,000.00 to Congolese businessmen. The accusation arose from an informant who reported to local police.
Albino; Albinism; Tanzania; Man tries to sell wife.
BBC. Accessed July 29, 2010.
More Ritual Killings?
Muti-killing, the use of body parts for witchcraft and local medicine, is reported to be on the rise in northern Namibia.
Tueumuna, Helvy
Albino; Albinism; Muti killing; Oshikoto; Ritual Killing; Northern Namibia.
New Era (Namibia): Accessed July 28, 2010.
Mother Describes How Her Albino Child was Killed
The Supreme Court of Tanzania (Mwanza Zone) conducts the trial of the murder of Mariam Emmanuel,  a young child with albinism, who was murdered in January 2008. The witness, 33 year old, Flora Mabula, is also the mother of the deceased, Mariam. She testified that one of the accused, one Mashauri, had prior to the murder, asked her children where they sleep. She also testifies that her children had recognized the accused, Mashauri, among the gang of murderers.
Albino; Murder; Tanzania; Mwanza; Mariam Emmanuel; Court; Justice; Trial.
On the Spot: Albinos in Tanzania (Blog). Translated from Nipashe, a Kiswahili paper. Accessed July 21, 2010.
Mothers Hacked in Albino Attacks
2 mothers in western Tanzania are attacked with machete by persons who sought after their albino children but could not find them.
BBC, Sumbuleta, Aubrey
Albino; Albinism; Tanzania; Mothers attacked.
BBC. Accessed July 29, 2010.
Myths, Discrimination, and the call for Special Rights for Persons with Albinism in Sub-Saharan Africa
This paper looks at the myths surrounding albinism and the resulting discrimination. In response to these vices, it proposes some special rights that states in Africa should implement with regards to health, education, livelihood, safety and security of the person and the general welfare of persons with albinism.
Muthee Thuku
Myths, discrimination, albinism, rights, Africa
Nigeria to Host Conference on Albinism Intervention in Africa
A 2-day conference themed "That Albinos May Live Free of Skin Cancer" is hosted in Nigeria by a partnership consisting of the Sokoto state government, the Federal Ministry of Health and the Albino Foundation.
Afrique Avenir
Albino; Albinism; Nigeria; Conference.
Afrique Avenir France - online magazine (Credits article to African Press Agency, Senegal). Accessed July 30, 2010.
Nigerian Albinos Urge Gov't to Provide Them Free Cancer Treatment
Reprsentatives from the Albino Foundation of Nigeria urge the government  and private indiviuals to assist in establishing free cancer treatment for persons with albinism. They also push for the construction of a database to record the nearly '2 million' persons with albinism in the country. The foundation's representatives also urged Police to check against ritual killings of persons with albinism.
Afrique Avenir
Albino; Albinism, Nigeria; Population; Number; The Albino Foundation; Epelle; Ritual killing.
Afrique Avenir France - online magazine (Credits article to African Press Agency, Senegal). Accessed July 30, 2010.
Nigerian Gov't Will Protect Rights of Albinos, Minister Pledges
"Nigeria's Minister of Labour and Productivity, Chief Emeka Wogu said the Nigerian government will protect the rights of albinos and other vulnerable groups in their workplace." This was the outcome from the meeting of representatives of the Albino Foundation with the Minister in Abuja, Nigeria. The Minister confirmed that the wellbeing of persons with albinism fell under the Ministry of Health, Safety and Environment of the Workplace.
Afrique Avenir
Albino; Albinism; Nigeria; Employment; Workplace.
Afrique Avenir France - online magazine (Credits article to African Press Agency, Senegal). Accessed July 30, 2010.
Oculocutaenous Albinism
Oculocutaenous albinism (OCA) generally affects hair, skin and eyes. However, the physical manifestation varies in each person with albinism. The degree of depigmentation that the condition generates also varies in each person. This article provides technical differences in types or forms of albinism.
Biswas S., , Lloyd, I.C.
Albinism; Oculocutaenous albinism; Types; Appearance and effects; Technical aspects
Archives of Disease in Childhood, 80, 565 - 569.
Oculocutaneous Albinism
A detailed overview of ocolocutaneous albinism and its common characteristics. Most of  these characteristics are explained in terms of their scientific origins and apparent manifestation in persons with albinism.
Biswas, S. , Lloyd, I.C.
Albinism; Albino; Origin; Science; Melanin
Archives of Disease in Childhood, 80, 565-569.
Oppression Through Omission:
The Human Rights Case of Persons with Albinism in Uganda
The challenges that persons with albinism face in Uganda; and the inadequacy of current international Law and Convention in protecting persons with albinism in sub Saharan Africa.
Allen, Kelly
Albino; Albinism; Uganda; east Africa; international law and convention; Human Rights.
PhD Thesis, Development Studies, Kampala, Uganda, Spring 2010. School for International Training (SIT) P.O. Box 676, 1 Kipling Road Brattleboro, VT 05302 USA
Our Biggest Fear is Living, Albinos Cry
On the effect of muti killings and occult-related killings on the continent of Africa. The effect of such killings on children and persons with albinism. Cases in point: Nigeria, and Tanzania
Daily Monitor
Albino; Muti; Occult; Killings; Children; Africa; Nigeria; Tanzania.
 Daily Monitor. Accessed September 5, 2010
Pictures: Inside the Lives of Albinos in Tanzania
A beautiful collection of pictures with accompanying stories about the lives of persons with albinism in Tanzania.
Jacquelyn Martin
Photographs; Tanzania; Albinism
National Geographic
Prevalence of albinism in the South African Negro
In Soweto, South Africa, the prevalence of persons with oculocutaenous albinism  was found to be approximately 1 out of every 3,900 persons. The carrier rate is found to be as high as 1 out of every 32 persons. A comparative rate of prevalance among tribes within South Africa is also presented.
Kromberg, Jennifer G.R., Jenkins, T
Albino; Albinism; South Africa; Black; Prevalance; Frequency; Occurrence.
  SA Medical Journal, 13 March 1982.