The Tanzanian Human Albino Skin
A sample of persons with albinism are studied at the Tanzania Tumor Centre. An extremely high skin cancer prevalance is recorded. Graphic photos of sun-burnt skins and pre-cancerous skin conditions in some persons with albinism are presented.  Also included are discussions on why persons with albinism tend to be hairier than non-albinistic persons, as well as the correlation of better education to better skin health.
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The Terror of Being a Black Child with a White Skin
On the on-going atrocities commited against persons with albinism inspite of  efforts to raise awareness with documentaries such as "The Curse of the Nobody People" by Sam Roberts. Also narrates the story of Bibianna and Tindi, 2 young persons with albinism who are currently under the care of Tanzania Member of Parliament, Al Shaymar Kwegyir.
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They Call us Albino - the License to Mock and Murder Fellow Humans
A satirical op-ed by a person with albinism, on living with albinism in Kenya and east Africa.
Ngugi, Mumbi
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Tolerance and Tension:
Islam and Christianity in Sub Saharan Africa
Survey report on "the role religion plays in the private and public lives of the approximately 820 million people living in sub-Saharan Africa" including graphic illustrations of statistics around religious issues across the sub-continent.
The Pew Research Center’s Forum on Religion & Public Life
Religion; Sub Saharan Africa; Africa; Christianity; Islam; Tension; Tradition; Survey.
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Wangode David Struggles to Show the Way for Other Albinos.
A Uganadan man with albinism, David Wangode, chronicles the challenges he faced in his attempt to create an albino association in Uganda. He also tells his story of stigmatization due to his albinism.
Woodward, Jonathan
Albino; Albinism; Uganda; David Wangode; Association; Government.
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Welcome to Albino Island
Due to the on-going atrocities against them, persons with albinism in Tanzania flee from the mainland to the island of Ukerewe where belief in the ritualisitc killing of persons with albinism is more rare. Persons with albinism in Tanzania carry out a protest  in the city of Dar es Salaam. However, on the night of the day of the protest, a person with albiism is attacked. Alshaymaa Kwegyir, Member of Parliament and a person with albinism comments on the on-going atrocity.
Lowe, David
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What is Albinism?
A summary of the genetics of albinism, forms, types, treatments, rehabilitation and resources.
National Organization for Albinism and Hypopigmentation (NOAH)
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Accessed, May 27, 2010.
Witchcraft allegations, refugee protection and human rights: a review of the evidence
New Issues in Refugee Research - Research Paper No. 169
From introduction: "Some of the numerous explanations for witchcraft accusations will be introduced, before turning to the ways in which witchcraft accusations are a protection concern. Documented examples of persecution aimed at alleged witches in various countries will be provided before turning to particular risk groups: women, the elderly and children. Additionally, albinos in East Africa face persecution not because of alleged witchcraft activity, but because they are being killed for their body parts, which are thought to bring good luck. The connection between HIV/AIDS and witchcraft will then be addressed briefly."
Jill Schnoebelen
United Nations, human rights, refugee,
UNHCR: The UN Refugee Agency - Policy Development and Evaluation Service
Witchcraft and British Colonial Law
Witchcraft was not appropriately handled by colonial powers who often understimated its influence. Where there were laws agains it, these laws were inadquate as they were made outside of the input of indigenous persons.  Any law that will try to combat the phenonmenon of witchcraft must be conjured with the input of those that practice it.
Browne, Orde, J.
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Witchcraft and the Law in Tanzania
A critical assessment of the measures taken by the Government of Tanzania in dealing with the social issue of witchcraft.
Mesaki, Simeon
Witchcraft; Law; Tanzania.
International Journal of Sociology and Anthropology,  Vol. 1(8) pp. 132-138, December, 2009.
Witnesses Testify in Albino Trial
The  trial of 11 persons accused of the murder and sale of body parts of persons with albinism is underway amidst challenges. Some witnesses are absent, and the prosecution was unable to tender enough evidence to support murder charges.  In the result 8 of the 11 are accused of trafficking human remains and desecrating a graveyard to steal remains. The the others are charged with attempted murder.
Albino; Albinism; Burundi; Trial; Court; Ruyigi Province; Grave Desecration.
BBC. Accessed July 29, 2010.
Woman Kills Albino Child to Avoid Bad Omen
A Kenyan woman is convicted of infanticide and sentenced to one year in jail after pleading guilty to the crime citing pressure from her husband who convinced her that the child was a disgrace and bad omen. The woman, Sara Kemunto Nyabuto, 23, committed the offence on August 2, 2010 at Bokimweri sub location in Nyamache district.
Miruka, Kenan
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The Standard: Accessed September 5, 2010
‘Orange in a World of Apples’:
The voices of albinism
12 persons with albinism from North America and Australia (7 women and 5 men)  , are subjects of a study to find the negative impact of albinism on their lives as well as some coping strategies that they have devised as a result.
Wan, Nathalie
Discrimination; Albinism; Stigma; Response to discrimination; Coping
Disability and Society, Vol. 18., No. 3, 2003,  pp. 277- 296