Albinism in Nigeria with Delineation of New Recessive Oculocutaenous Types
79 persons with oculocutaenous albinism in Nigeria are examined. Of the 79, 53 have  tyrosinase positive albinism, 23 had "brown albinism."  Brown albinism is described as a new ocolocutaenous type and is characterized as having light brown skin, light brown hair, blue to brown eyes. Studies on albinism by Dr. Okoro of the Univeristy of Nigeria  in 1975 are further expantiated  in this study. Albinism was found to occur as frequently as 1 in every 1,500 in the city of Lagos.
King, Richard A., Creel, D., Carvenka J. et. al.
Albinism; Albino; Brown albinism; Oculoutaenous Albinism; Tyrosinase-positive.
Clinical Genetics, 1980: 17: 259-270.