“It was an act of compassion that drove us there. We saw the condition the kids with albinism were in. My immediate response was, we have to do something.”

-- Peter Ash, Founder & CEO

The first 5 years of Under The Same Sun

UTSS began as a meeting of the heart, mind and vision of Peter Ash and Vicky Ntetema. Vicky was a journalist and Tanzania's BBC bureau chief, and Peter a former pastor and Canadian businessman with albinism, whose professional life was in transition. It was Vicky's report in July of 2008 that broke the story to the world of the gruesome and fatal attacks on persons with albinism in Tanzania.

Shortly after her report, Peter got in touch with Vicky. They quickly realized their shared calling to battle the deadly discrimination faced by people with albinism and to help empower those living with albinism in Tanzania and beyond.

UTSS, a Canadian registered charity, was born later in 2008 by founder and CEO Peter Ash. In 2009 UTSS registered as a U.S. 501 (c)(3) charity and as a Tanzanian non-government organization (NGO). 

United Nations and Under The Same Sun

UTSS has played a leading role at the United Nations and the African Union in helping to form and pass resolutions and reports on the prevention of attacks and the discrimination against persons with albinism around the world.


United Nations and African Union Human Rights Councils pass historic resolutions on Persons with Albinism recognizing the discrimination and condemning the atrocities they face in many countries.


UN marks June 13, 2015 as the first International Albinism Awareness Day.


UN appoints first ever independent expert to bring focus on the issue of violence and discrimination facing people with albinism around the world.