History, Genetics, Myths & Health Care
A FOUR PART documentary about albinism in Africa by Lola Akinola Olatunji, PhD student & person with albinism (PWA), born in Nigeria and now a resident of the UK. Note: This doc is very informative but has modest technical production quality. PART #1 – FOCUS: Genetics & History Interviews with: - Dr. Richard King , Professor of Genetics, U of Minnesota – Describes the genetics of albinism - Dr Patricia Lund, Geneticist, Coventry University – Describes the genetics of albinism more thoroughly using the AA - Aa – aA – aa illustration - Thomas White, Historian on Albinism, U of Manchester – Describes the genesis of the study & diagnosis of albinism PART # 2 – FOCUS: Myths & Health Care (Eyes & Skin) Interviews with: - Dr Patricia Lund, Geneticist, Coventry University – Describes the uniqueness of the eye for PWA. - Uses footage from Discover Education to show the function of the eye - Reshma Kukadia, Optometrist, Campus Vision – Addresses low vision for PWA using Lola as a patient. - Dr Roberto Verdolini, Dermatologist, London Dermatology Center - Describes skin, melanin and the uniqueness of PWA skin condition & sunscreen using helpful visuals. PART #3 - (14 min) FOCUS: Orgs giving aid to PWA / schooling of PWA in Africa (sunscreen issues / urban vs. rural issues) Interviews with: - Boniface Massah, TAAM (albino assoc of Malawi), Specialist on Public Healthcare – Difficult to understand - Jenny Walker, Southern Africa’s Children, Tanzania – work with children who are disabled, orphaned. One project is with HIV orphans in Shinyanga, Tz. One is with children with albinism on Ukarar Island on Lake Victoria, Tz.. - Dr Patricia Lund, Geneticist, Coventry University – Various Schooling models in South Africa, Zimbabwe, Malawi. PART # 4 – (14 min): Interview with DIANDRA FOREST, a PWA model from New York FOCUS: Beauty, self esteem, and life experience as a PWA before being a model & now.
Lola Akinola Olatunji
History, Genetics, Myths, Health Care, Albinism