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Embedded thumbnail for CBC News, The National
CBC News, The National
"The National" takes an in-depth look at Peter Ash's quest to end the deadly trade in albino body parts.
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Kilimanjaro Sunscreen Production Unit
The Kilimanjaro Sunscreen Production Unit forms part of a care unit for persons with albinism in the Dermatology department of the Kilimanjaro Christian Medical College.
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UTSS response to UN report on albinism
Speech to the HRC on September 16, 2013 by Ikponwosa "IK" Ero.
Embedded thumbnail for UNICEF reports on attacks of PWA in Tanzania
UNICEF reports on attacks of PWA in Tanzania
Embedded thumbnail for UN Human Rights Council Presentation
UN Human Rights Council Presentation
The UN reports on Under the Same Sun's presentation to the Advisory Committee of the UN Human Rights Council on the situation of persons with albinism.
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A Message from the UN High Commissioner for Human Rights
United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights Navi Pillay's message for a UN Human Rights Council Side event on the rights of children with albinism.
Embedded thumbnail for Peter Ash speaking at the United Nations Human Rights Council in Geneva
Peter Ash speaking at the United Nations Human Rights Council in Geneva
UTSS Founder, Peter Ash speaking at the United Nations Human Rights Council about the murders of people with albinism in Tanzania.
Embedded thumbnail for Aljazeera's "Africa Investigates" looks at what is behind the attacks of PWA in Tanzania.
Aljazeera's "Africa Investigates" looks at what is behind the attacks of PWA in Tanzania.
Embedded thumbnail for How a Person with Albinism Sees the World
How a Person with Albinism Sees the World
Embedded thumbnail for Women Journalists Honored for Risky Reporting
Women Journalists Honored for Risky Reporting
UTSS Tanzania Executive Director, Vicky Ntetema, interviewed by PBS.
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Deadly Hunt
United Nations TV interview with PETER ASH about the murders of people with albinism in Tanzania.
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EU Resolution
European Parliament Passes Resolution Condemning Killings & calls for killers to be prosecuted.
Embedded thumbnail for Africa Uncovered - Murder & Myth
Africa Uncovered - Murder & Myth
Al Jazeera network airs investigative brief on the recent killings of persons with albinism July 2008.
Embedded thumbnail for A Donor comes to Tanzania
A Donor comes to Tanzania
Watch Darren's story.
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Canadian House of Commons Motion
Motion to the Canadian House of Commons by Conservative MP Mark Warawa, which condemns the murder and mutilation of persons with albinism in Tanzania. This motion, which was presented on October 26, 2011, received unanimous consent from the House.
Embedded thumbnail for Distribution of White and Black Documentary
Distribution of White and Black Documentary
Documentary film maker JF Mean takes us behind the scenes of the distribution of White and Black: Crimes of Color.
Embedded thumbnail for Crimes of Colour Albinism in Africa
Crimes of Colour Albinism in Africa
Slide show about the crimes committed against people with albinism in Tanzania up to 2013, to the music of “Skin Deep.”
Embedded thumbnail for Working to stop the murders of Tanzanians with Albinism
Working to stop the murders of Tanzanians with Albinism
Vicky Ntetema, UTSS Tanzania Executive Director and former BBC Bureau Chief, narrates about the atrocities committed against people with albinism in Tanzania and the work that UTSS is doing to stop the attacks.
Embedded thumbnail for Peter Ash Voice of America Interview
Peter Ash Voice of America Interview
Making a Difference: Canadian founds effort to assist people with albinism in Tanzania. Voice of America News interviews PETER ASH about UNDER THE SAME SUN's work to end the murders of Tanzanians with albinism.
Embedded thumbnail for Africans with Albinism Become Prey
Africans with Albinism Become Prey
People living with albinism in East Africa are falling victim to hunters who desire their skin and body parts. ITN's Martin Geissler explains.
Embedded thumbnail for Peter Ash CTV Interview
Peter Ash CTV Interview
Peter Ash of Under The Same Sun appeared live on CTV Calgary's Noon News program to discuss the atrocities being committed against Tanzanians with albinism.
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Killings of people with albinism in Tanzania
At least 19 people with albinism, including several young children, have been killed in Tanzania in the past year (2008).
Stop killing persons with albinism for ritual, Albino Foundation cries out
Activists Condemn Desecration
Three Arrested in connection with Grave Desecration
UTSS is concerned about how some elements in the case of Heri Kijangwa is being handled. We urge the government to move efforts from an appearance of justice to deeper efforts to ensure that there is true justice and that all the true actors in this crime are properly identified and prosecuted.
'Monsters' get life for gruesome murders of teenage girl with albinism and her baby nephew
United Nations passes historic resolution calling for end to witchcraft atrocities
Condemning the recent brutal witchcraft related murder of a young boy with albinism in Tanzania
Bright Students with Albinism Receive Training for College and University
Person with Albinism - We are not Carriers of Coronavirus, Stop Tagging us
PWAs Plead for Government Support Post COVID-19
People with Albinism Cling to Hope as Elections Near
Report Finds Women, and Mothers of Children with Albinism Suffer Worst Discrimination
Watershed Judgement on Mariam Stafford's Case has Vital Lessons
UN Panel tells Government to Compensate Woman with Albinism
Killers of persons with albinism in Malawi are now being charged with genocide.
Man with Albinism Brutally Murdered in Malawi on New Years Eve
PWA's in Malawi Begin 2019 With Fear of Renewed Attacks
People With Albinism Struggle to Access Crucial Treatment and Support in Iran
A recent speech by a UN official calling on countries with hot climates to implement measures that would enable people with albinism to access skin cancer treatments has highlighted the lack of such a policy and accessible support for people living with albinism in Iran.
The Times
The president of Malawi has called for a debate on introducing the death penalty for “albino hunters” after the most recent case of a victim being killed for his body parts.
Ikponwosa Ero named one of the 100 most influential Africans of 2017.
Ikponwosa Ero, UTSS staff member and UN Independent Expert on the Enjoyment of Human Rights by Persons with Albinism, has been named one of the 100 most influential Africans of 2017.
Tanzanian children with albinism receive prosthetic limbs and a new lease on life.
ABC News reports on the journey of four children with albinism from Tanzania who recently travelled to the US to receive life changing prosthetic limbs.
Zuwena's Children Face Unspeakable Danger
Learn how Understanding Albinism Seminars helped Zuwena's family.
The Perils of Pale
Read National Geographic Magazine's in-depth coverage on the issues facing people with albinism in Tanzania.
A quick update from UTSS
Read about three important events that we think will interest you.
Tanzanian police arrest two for kidnapping child with albinism.
Tanzanian police have arrested a Tanzanian citizen and a Kenyan national for abducting a five-year old child with albinism in northern Tanzania’s district of Mwanga.
Killings of PWA in Malawi continues despite the government's intervention
Several persons with albinism in Malawi have come out to talk about their harrowing experiences with merciless body part hunters who are known to sell albino body parts to witch doctors.
New book details the kidnapping of the Muse brothers
The story of two brothers with albinism that were kidnapped from the cotton fields and sold to a freak show in 1899.
We are people too.
Read the Newsweek editorial written by UTSS Founder & CEO, Peter Ash, on his experience as a person with albinism and the persecution that PWA still face in many parts of the world.
The Hunted
The New York Times reports on the deadly discrimination facing people with Albinism in Malawi and Mozambique.
Tanzanian children with albinism seek care in US
Four Tanzanian children with albinism, who lost limbs in brutal superstition-driven attacks, arrived in the United States on Saturday for medical treatment and respite from a homeland where they are persecuted and feared.
Global News
Four Tanzanian children with albinism who lost limbs in brutal superstition-driven attacks arrived in the United States on Saturday for medical treatment and respite from a homeland where they are persecuted and feared.
Malawi police arrest 2 men found with the bones of a person with albinism
Police followed and arrested 2 men caught selling human bones near Crossroads Hotel in Lilongwe.
Witch doctors in Malawi are hiring ‘hit men’
In Malawi, where the condition is more common than almost anywhere in the world, witch doctors hire ‘hit men’ from among the impoverished rural communities to murder then mutilate persons with albinism so they can use their organs for ‘medicines’ that are sold at huge prices.
Persons with albinism in Zambia call for end to brutality
At least ten PWA are murdered in ritual killings every year in Zambia.
Nyasa Times
Malawi Police have intensified their hunt for attackers who severely wounded two persons with albinism Friday.
Africa Times
An independent United Nations expert called Friday for stronger oversight of traditional medicine in African countries in order to limit the threat to people living with albinism.
Nyasa Times
Malawi Police have arrested four people for allegedly transacting in tissues extracted from a previously murdered person with albinism.
South Coast Herald
"Albinism won't stop me" Thubelihle Mpisi a successful young South African lawyer living with albinism.
The Mirror
French photographer reveals traumatic stories of children suffering machete attacks as criminals look to cash in on their bodies.
What it's like to be an MP in a country where some people think you're a ghost.
Capricorn Voice
The Limpopo Chairperson of People Living with Albinism Ropson Rambuwani says he received a tip-off from a convicted criminal that three hit-men are planning to kill him for muti purposes.
Malawi 24
A form one male student with albinism at Masongola Secondary School in the eastern city of Zomba Malawi has gone missing officials at the institution have confirmed.
News 24
Kenya fights deadly stigma with PWA beauty pageant.
New Vision
The East African Legislative Assembly (EALA) has said that EAC Partner States must take effective measures to eliminate all forms of discrimination against albinos. 
Parents of children with albinism in the DR Congo are concerned about the insecurity of their kids.
UTSS team member IK Ero in the news.
United Nations
UN Independent Expert Ikponwosa Ero today said that despite all the successes in tackling crimes against persons with albinism in Mozambique their situation remains precarious as the authorities are yet to identify and arrest the masterminds behind such crimes. 
Daily Mail
PWA in Mozambique have suffered more than 100 attacks since 2014 a UN expert said Friday.
The European Parliament called today on African countries to end the impunity that surrounds the killing and persecution of PWA especially in Malawi.
Malawi 24
Thugs have hacked off the arm of a woman with albinism at her home in Chitipa district in the early hours of today.
Nyasa Times
Malawi  Police have sent criminal investigation officers in Tanzania to hunt for a man who on Saturday chopped the hand of a woman with albinism in Chitipa and ran away with it.
Nyasa Times
Malawi Police chief says 40 more cops deployed in the north to fight PWA attackers
The Citizen
PWA in Tanzania live in fear despite tight security.
News 24
A man has been arrested in Malawi following claims that he had been plotting to abduct an 8-year-old girl with albinism for the purpose of selling her bones on the black market.
LA Times
Facing threats PWA sisters from Tanzania granted asylum to attend school in Southern California.
Globe & Mail
Canadian group plans awareness campaign to stop attacks on PWA in Malawi.
All Africa
The grave of a child with albinism was recently vandalised in Tanzania.
CTV News
Rejected ostracized and laughed at PWA and their parents in Zimbabwe describe life in a country with little tolerance for them as hell on earth.
Nyasa Times
Malawi President Peter Mutharika on Monday described abductions and killings against people with albinism as terrorism against them and vowed his government will win the war. 
The Cable
Ban Ki-moon the UN secretary-general called on all countries to end the discrimination that threatens the well-being health and even the lives of PWA and to provide programmes that will enable them play a full role in the society.
All Africa
Unknown assailants have murdered a six year old child with albinism in the central Mozambican city of Chimoio and dismembered his body.
BBC News
Malawi's President Peter Mutharika has told the BBC he feels ashamed by the attacks on PWA in his country and says the church needs to help stop them.
Global Disability Watch
Despite increasing international visibility and recent laws for protection PWA continue to be persecuted hunted down for body parts many believe to have healing properties. 
Nyasa Times
The Civil Society Organizations in Malawi have further given government a 21 day ultimatum to immediately enforce the registration monitoring and regulation of traditional healers in response to the killings of PWA.
Nyasa Times
Wealth seekers have killed yet another person with albinism in Malawi bringing the number of those killed to 18 so far.
Nyasa Times
Two men have been sentanced to 25 years life imprisonment for the murder of a PWA in Malawi.
Malawi Voice
Malawi's President Arthur Peter Mutharika met Thursday with representatives from Association of People with Albinism in Malawi (APAM) and condemning the violence against persons with albinism.
BBC News
Malawi's estimated 10000 PWA face "extinction" if they continue to be murdered for their body parts for use in witchcraft a UN expert has warned.
Malawi 24
Malawi has registered 55 cases of attacks against people with albinism in 2016 according to reports.
All Africa
Speaking to the University of Malawi's law faculty the United Nations envoy on people with albinism has said that sensitization on the rights of people with albinism is the main solution to end the senseless killings targeted at them.
International Business Times
Police in Malawi launched an intensive campaign against the persecution and killings of people with albinism after a toddler was stolen from her bed and brutally murdered by so-called albino hunters.
News 24
Criminal gangs nicknamed "albino hunters" and armed with machetes knives and axes are striking fear into PWA in Malawi.
NAIJ reports on how PWA are murdered in Affica.
All Africa
A state attorney and two prison warders have been arrested for plotting the escape of a suspect who had been charged with attempted murder of a person living with albinism.
Tanzanian diplomat attacks film about attacks on people with albinism.
All Africa
African governments and leaders have power to stop vicious attacks on people with albinism.
Daily Mail
Tanzania steps up security for people with albinism ahead of elections after attack
Africa Times
Tanzanian parliamentarians key in fight to end the attacks on persons with albinism
"The Boy From Geita" Director: UN Rep's Criticism of Docu is Political Move
Africa Times
Elections in Tanzania spelling danger for people with albinism in Kenya.
The New York Times
Review: The Boy From Geita
Thomson Reuters Foundation
Tanzanian children with albinism face return home from USA after receiving prosthetics.
The Telegraph
People with albinism living in Kenya have been evacuated from areas bordering Tanzania for fear they will be targeted by witch doctors as the country approaches elections next month.
Major problems facing people with albinism in South Africa.
Information Nigeria
Man chases his wife and four children with albinism away saying they are cursed.
CTV News
For Africa's hunted children with albinism U.S. charity offers true hope.
Daily Mail
Tanzania's PWA relive the horror of their limbs being stolen by witchdoctors.  
IPP Media
Lipumba clings to death penalty for PWA killers.
TWC News
Staten Island not-for-profit helps African children amputees.
The Indian Express
Teacher tells parents not to send 7-year-old to school: 'she is too white'
News 24
Tanzanian politicians were warned to steer clear of witchcraft ahead of elections later this year after the nation's parliament heard lawmakers could be involved in a wave of attacks on PWA.
News 24
Malawi arrests four suspects in connection with murder of PWA.
The Star
In Tanzania people with albinism are hunted like animals their body parts sold. The solution writes Emily Urquhart begins with raising awareness.
The Guardian
The Guardian UK reports on the slow progress in combatting violence and discrimination against PWA in Tanzania.
News Everyday
To protect PWA police in Malawi ordered to shoot attackers on sight.
The Journal Ireland
How do you fix a country where a 6-year-old has his hand chopped off for good luck?
Tanzanian police banned a demonstration on Monday to protest the attacks and murders of PWA fuelling concerns that authorities are not committed to ending the violence.
United Nations
Mutilation killing of Tanzanian boy with albinism strongly condemned by UN rights chief.
The New York Times
Fears persist that violence against PWA in Tanzania will grow.
Can a ban on witchcraft protect PWA in Tanzania?
The UN Human Rights Office calls for the protection of the rights of persons with albinism.
Fueled by superstition people are violently attacking PWA in Tanzania.
UN High Commissioner for Human Rights Navi Pillay urges more protection for PWA following barbaric killing in Tanzania.
Broadway World
Peter Ash set for post-show discussion after Scapegoat Carnivale Theatre's play "BLIND" on April 11 2014
United Nations
The UN Rights Advisory Committee announced that it will start a study on the rights of PWA
Beacon Mission
Beacon Mission Christian Centre in Tanzania has decided as a church to visit the children in our ESF program at their schools on visiting day each month. They are bringing with them lots of love and presents for the children!
Mennonite Brethren Herald
Pastor Brad Sumner volunteer and long-time friend of UTSS ruminates on Adam Robert's unfolding story within the context of Christmas.
Ramp Up
Dr. Shari Parker discusses the widespread inaccuracies in pop culture depictions of PWA and specifically the offensive portrayal in the comedy movie "The Heat."
The Age
Albinism Fellowship of Australia has condemned the newly released comedy movie "The Heat" for its offensive portrayal of persons with albinism.
The Guardian
A baby girl with albinism in Tanzania attacked in a plot lead by her father.
The Patriotic Vangaurd
UN passes historic resolution recognizing and addressing the attacks and discrimination people with albinism face in many countries.
International Business Times
International Business Times reports on the deadly superstitions that are fueling the attacks against persons with albinism in Tanzania.
BBC News
The UN Human Rights Chief has condemned a recent spate of horrific attacks on people with albinism in Tanzania.
UTSS is proud to endorse this brilliantly crafted radio documentary by Garth Mullins.
Report on the extreme level of discrimination and violence encountered by persons with albinism in Tanzania.
All Africa
Tanzania Daily News reports on the five killings and seven attacks that have occured in the Country over the past three years.
BBC News
PWA model Diandra Forrest is setting the trend for Africa at Africa Fashion Week in Johannesburg.
The Africa Report
Africa and Albinism: Horror gives rise to awareness.
South African man arrested for digging up the remains of a PWA likely for witchcraft purposes.
L'Express du Faso
12 year old boy with albinism murdered for his body parts in Burkina Faso.
Times Live
Man arrested for desecration of grave in South Africa after being caught with the remains of a PWA buried in 2002.
All Africa
Report on the extreme level of discrimination facing PWA in Uganda.
Global News
A young boy from Tanzania with albinism has received life changing surgery in Vancouver after a nightmare ordeal.
Thesis presentation on applying best practices from health-related stigma reduction programs to the problem of stigma and violence toward people with albinism in Tanzania.
Daily News
Albino Association of Zambia (AAZ) director John Chiti is dismayed with the continued discrimination against people living with albinism in society.
All Africa
Three men accused in the attempted murder of a thirteen year old boy with albinism.
All Africa
Tanzania NGO condemns recent killing of PWA in Arusha.
Huffington Post
Pius Kamau reports further on the cross-border abduction of a three year old boy with albinism to Burkina Faso.
Teenage girl with albinism in Namibia sexually assaulted as a witchcraft cure. 
Samaritan Mag
Canadian battling systemic murder mutilation of African PWA.
Aftican Diplomacy
Fifteen year old girl with albinism brutally murdered for her body parts in Burundi.
Huffington Post
Possible cross-border abduction of boy with albinism from Kenya.
Child with albinism in India abandoned at one week by parents overcomes adversity and becomes a champion for others still in need.
Liberation news is reporting rumours of seven ritual crimes against PWA in Senegal during the Presedential campaign.
New Era Namibia
Nurses found a child with albinism horribly abused in a village in Namibia.
Somalia Report
Somalia Report speaks with Mohamed Ibrahim a PWA living in a Somalian refugee camp.
The New Age
The wife of a deceased PWA from Zambia held a funeral for her husband over the weekend to prove to friends and neighbors that just like all other people persons with albinism die and do not simply vanish as myths have reported.
Zambia Watchdog
The Albino Association of Zambia calls on the government to intervene following the ritualistic killing of a 5 year old girl with albinism.
Langley Times
The campaign against the murder and mutilation of Tanzanian adults and children with albinism was unanimously supported by the Canadian House of Commons on Wednesday Oct. 26.
Israel is expected to grant political asylum to 4-year-old Maiken Kaita and her parents after determining it would be too dangerous for the albino child to return to Ivory Coast.
Winnipeg Free Press
Paul Ash comments on the discrimination against persons with albinism by Earls Restaurants.
Daily News
A visit from Low Vision specialist Dr. Rebecca Kammer gave PWA in Tanzania a rare opportunity to access low vision care.
In a press conference today UTSS founder Peter Ash spoke out against the ongoing killings of PWA in Tanzania as well as the horrific practice of raping of women with albinism as an AIDS "cure."
The Florida Times-Union
A Nigerian man with albinism made front page news after sucessfully winning asylum in Florida at which UTSS founder Peter Ash gave expert testimony.
News 24
Gangs with suspected links to Tanzanian witch doctors kidnapped a five-month-old albino girl and hacked off a young albino boy's arm in Burundi.
IOL News
Western envoys in Burundi have urged the government to protect albinos from organ traffickers who trade their lucrative body parts for use as potent ingredients for magic charms.
Tanzanian High Court gives the death sentence to the murderers of a 14 year old albino boy. PETER ASH comments.
Canada's national magazine MACLEANS reports on the convictions of the murderers of a 14 year old Tanzanian boy with albinism.  PETER ASH comments.
BBC News
The BBC reports on the eviction of Mariam (a survivor with albinism whose arms were hacked off during an attack) from safe-housing in Tanzania.
Al Jazeera
Al Jazeera reports on the recent convictions of 4 men in Tanzania for the murder of an albino man and cites Peter Ash's comments about this.
Tanzania urged to go after the customers buying albino body parts after Member of Parliament reveals that government members use the witchdoctors and albino murders increase around election times.
Discovery Channel
Discovery Channel News investigates the correlations between witchcraft and the murders of dozens of persons with albinism in recent years.
Red Cross
Red Cross sounds the alarm about expanding albino crisis in Tanzania establishes a special crisis fund and cites the important work of Under The Same Sun.
BBC News
UTSS Executive Director of Media and International Affairs Vicky Ntetema wins the Courage in Journalism Award from the The International Women's Media Foundation for her reports which exposed the grizzly witchcraft related slaughters of people with albinism in Tanzania.
BBC News
Police in Tanzania reported the arrest of a Kenyan man on human trafficking charges today. The man is accused of attempting to sell the body of a man with Albinism for $250 000 USD.
Times of Swaziland
In Swaziland on August 18th an 11 year old girl is beheaded in broad daylight as over 20 other children watch. Her body parts were collected by a masked killer who fled the scene. 5 months earlier another 11 year old was murdered in the same way in the same area
The Standard
In Kenya a 4 month old girl with albinism was murdered by her mother and her tiny body tossed in the river.  The child's mother was given one year in jail and her father still remains at large.
IPP Media
A Tanzanian politician makes publicly discriminatory remarks against PWA opponent during election campaign.
BBC News
In general elections held October 31st Tanzanians elected their first person with albinism to Parliament.
Dolce Vita Magazine
In their holiday issue Dolce Vita Magazine interviews Peter Ash on his ongoing work to end the senseless slayings of persons with albinism in Tanzania.
Globe & Mail
Hunted for body parts Tanzania's albinos get help from BC man.
BBC News
The BBC reports on the arrest of a Tanzanian pastor charged with the possession of albino bodyparts for sale.
The New York Times
As the killings continue PETER ASH speaks with The New York Times about the albinism crisis in Tanzania.
The New York Times
Traditional Healers and Witchdoctors ignore the rule of law and continue to openly practice despite the Prime Minister's order to stop.
The Economist
The Economist magazine reports on the murders of people with albinism in Tanzania.
UNICEF (United Nations Children's Fund) condemns the murders of Tanzanians with albinism and calls upon the judicial system media religious leaders and politicians to intensify efforts to end the carnage.
The Epoch Times
PETER ASH interviewed by Epoch Times reporter Joan Delaney regarding the murder of persons with albinism in Tanzania
BBC News
October 2008 BBC Story on Escalation of killing to neighbouring countries.
BBC News
BBC Reporter goes undercover to record Tanzanian witchdoctor speaking about the purchase and use of albino body parts in potions.

If you are a member of the media and would like to interview Peter Ash, UTSS Founder and CEO, or get more information, please feel free to contact us.