Emmanuel loves summer camp!

In 2013 Emmanuel got to attend the first Under The Same Sun Summer Camp for children with albinism in Tanzania. He got to learn the xylophone, discover his goalie talents in field hockey, get noticed as a budding artist, make new friends, and run around laughing and playing for a whole week without a care in the world.


Considering Emmanuel was brutally attacked at age 7 losing both his hands, and that he has been seperated from his family ever since, these carefree camp memories are some of the best of his life.

And life after camp got better too! Because of camp Emmanuel made new friends with other kids just like him. He realized that his disability is not inabilityHe birthed the dream to one day become a famous Tanzanian artist. And he learned that God Values him. With a new outlook on life, Emmanuel is active at school and consistently ranks at the top of his class.